Traditional Printed Posters (P, FP, LBP)

Poster set up and removal

Please check the programme for your presentation details:

Poster presenters are requested to set up their printed poster, on Tuesday 2nd October 2023 15:30-18:00 or Wednesday 3rd October 2023 prior to the first morning tea/coffee break. A team of volunteers will be available to help you set up your poster in the correct location. All posters will be displayed in the Ballroom. Your exact poster number and location will be available in the programme and app, and a list will also be available on a list, when you arrive on site. Presenters are responsible for setting up and removing their poster by the required time. Posters should be removed by no later than 12:00 on Saturday 7th October 2023. The WMS Congress Secretariat will not be responsible for loss of the poster after this removal time.

In addition to the scheduled poster sessions, you will be able to show your presentation to your colleagues throughout the entire congress at the traditional poster boards, designated e-poster screens as well as using the congress app. We request that a traditional physical poster be made available for display at the poster board area in addition to your Flash Presentation.

Poster printing

Presenters should include their email address and photo on the poster so that interested people can reach them during the congress (either embedded or separately attached).

The same file used for poster printing can also be uploaded to the virtual congress platform.

Poster size

Printed posters should be made in TBC orientation, maximum (TBC). If your poster does not match these dimensions, we cannot guarantee that it will fit the poster boards. You will find pieces of Velcro on the poster boards or available nearby.

Please note: All in-person Poster Presenters also need to prepare an ePoster.

If a poster has been selected for a Flash Poster Presentation, then the FP .xx reference is also the poster board reference number.

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